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Mama's Mushrooms

The Promise of Growth

We believe in a community of empowered women entrepreneurs and employs widows and single mothers in a highly technical indoor farming process for high-end products like microgreens and mushrooms. We then teach them how they can replicate the same process in their kitchens and backyards to support their incomes, have nutritious options for their daily meals and improved finances.

We then provide these high-end agricultural products to local restaurants and hope to move into hotels with investment in our indoor organic farming concept. Hotel Markets are currently very big and we provide a high-quality, organic product, locally-grown and at a competitive price.

As a result we are able to provide a second income source to support these women-led households and enable them to invest in their children''s education, health, nutrition and wellbeing.

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Our Mama's Farms

The Story Behind It all!

Mama's Mushrooms came out of more than 15 years of working in communities where women-led households were struggling to make ends meet. With only one income source and several children to support, many were living in poverty. How could we help?

When we started our mushroom farm as a test diverse crop in early 2019, this quickly became a serious venture and we knew that this was one of the ways we could help these women.

Mama's Mushrooms was born.

Our model is designed to help these women earn another income, have a nutritious option for meals and access quality education and healthcare for their families.

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What we do at Mama's Mushrooms!

We promise Growth!

In only a short   few months, Mama's Mushrooms has gained enough traction to design a model that works. With the proper investment, we will be supplying our big markets with high-end produce consistently and moving into the region and developing value added products.

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Mushrooms from our Main Farm in Lautoka.

Farm Training

Mushroom Micro-Farm Entrepreneurs

We will find and train widows and single moms how to look after their mushroom micro-farm kits that we will donate and install. We will give them a week's training in our indoor grow facility and then design their own farms based on the availability of space and shade. We will mentor them for the next 12 months and monitor the farms. We will then help harvest and purchase their produce to feed into our Mama's Mushroom supply chain. By the end of the first year we hope to have 24 Mama Farms which we will support for a sustainable output.

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Growing our Business!

Linking Small Farms to Big Markets

Our Mama's Farms will be the basis from which our high-quality mushroom produce will come from apart from our own growing facility. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our Mama's Farms and our Market. Our rigid monitoring and mentoring program assures our markets the quality they require. The more Mama's Farms we have the greater our ability to put a smile on our buyers faces. Be it domestic, Regional or International. We know that what we're delivering is our best!


We all win!

Why we care

Our market receives the best! High-Quality, Organic, Locally-grown and Cheaper mushrooms.

Our Mama's Farms have improved finances, a sure market, a new skill, and access to quality health and education.

Mama's Mushrooms is able to meet the market demand, increase revenues, build its networks and grow.

Opening Hours

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

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Get in Touch

Lautoka, Fiji Islands

679 9718460

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